Functionalized Implant for Medicine

FIMED no.MNT-7-026.2010

1.  Evaluation of duplex (Zr,Al)CN coatings with improved tribological performance, C. Cotrut, A. Vladescu, V.  Braic, M. Braic, M. Balaceanu, F. Miculescu, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 14/7-8 (2012) 646-652.

2.Structure and properties of Zr/ZrCN coatings deposited by cathodic arc method, M.Braic, V.Braic, C.N.Zoita, A.Kiss, A.Vladescu, A.Popescu, R.Ripeanu, Mat.Chem.Phys. 126 (2011) 818-825.

3.  (Zr,Ti)CN coatings as potential candidates for biomedical applications, V.Braic, M.Braic, M.Balaceanu, A.Vladescu, C.N.Zoita, I.Titorencu, V.Jinga, Surf.Coat.Technol., 06 (2011) 604-609.

4.  (Ti,Cr,Nb)CN coatings deposited on nitride high-speed by cathodic arc method, M.Braic, V.Braic, M.Balaceanu, A.Vladescu, C.N.Zoita, C.P.Lungu, C.E.A.Grigorescu, E.Grigore, C.Logofatu, Surf.Coat.Technol., 205 (2011) S209-S213.

5.Influence of ion bombardment flux on the characteristics of NiC films obtained by cathodic arc deposition, M. Balaceanu, A. Vladescu, M. Braic, C. N. Zoita, I. Feraru, V. Braic,   Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials – Rapid Communications Vol. 4, No. 12, 2010, 2219 -2223.



Papers in international journals


1. E-MRS Spring Meeting 2010, 7-11 June, Strasbourg, Franta:

      -  Study of (Zr,Ti)CN, (Zr,Hf)CN and (Zr,Nb)CN films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering, M.Braic, M.Balaceanu, A.Vladescu, C.N.Zoita, V.Braic


2. 11th International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physiscs (IBWAP) 2010, 6-10 July, Constanta, Romania:

Niobium Carbide Coatings, M. Braic, C.N.Zoita, V. Braic

Ti & Zr based biocompatible coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering, M. Braic, M.Balaceanu, V. Braic, C.N.Zoita, A.Vladescu, A. Kiss, I.Titorencu, T.Petreus, V.Jinga, M.Simionescu

3. E-MRS Spring Meeting 2011, 9-13 May, Nice, France

        - Properties of nanostructured multi-element (TiZrNbHfTa)N and (TiZrNbHfTa)CN hard coatings, M.Balaceanu, A.Vladescu, V.Braic, C.N.Zoita, M.Braic



Papers presented at international conferences

1. 2010, June  14-15, EPPRA , Z.I. Courtaboeuf, Paris, Franta

2. 2010, November 2, INOE 2000, Magurele-Bucharest, Romania

3. 2011, May 24-27, Delta Nature, Romania

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