Functionalized Implant for Medicine

FIMED no.MNT-7-026.2010


    The objective of the project is to develop an innovative surface engineering technology for medical implants. In order to narrow the focus with regard to the potential applications, and considering carefully the details of implementation, materials to be used, testing, assessment of durability, life-cycle assessment etc., the field test of the project development was focused on spine implants.

    The innovation is related to the development of a new beta-titanium alloy and viable, high rate PVD deposition technology for applying biocompatible nano-structured coating on the bioalloy surface. The choice of the new beta-titanium alloyed with non-toxic and non-allergic elements was motivated by the fact that it is expected to exhibit high fatigue resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, good ductility, low elastic modulus, excellent wear resistance, good corrosion stability in the human body, low cytotoxicity, and a negligible tendency to induce allergic reactions. Based on the specific properties and chemical composition of the alloy, new coatings with bio-compatible predictable properties were developed and carefully investigated in the project. For marketing the coated alloy further development of both alloy and coatings is needed, along with biological in-vitro and in-vivo tests.



Project description